The Story

The Woods Company -

In the 1970’s when the Historic Preservation Movement began,
we started salvaging authentic materials for building restorations.  
With a strong belief that old lumber and old buildings deserved a new life,
The Woods Company was born.
For over 30 years, we've been a respected manufacturer and source of
reclaimed wood flooring and unique architectural products.
In 2015, we downsized our production mill to concentrate more on
Vintage Industrial artifacts, warehouse leasing and just taking a break...

The Artifactory -

While traveling the east coast deconstructing buildings and buying lumber,
we've seen of plenty of old and abandoned industrial buildings.   
A warehouse in Baltimore, a factory in Pennsylvania,
a textile mill in North Carolina, we could see that our country
is losing it's industrial heritage, one building at a time.  
Industrial Artifacts and the history they embody are mostly heading to the scrap yard.
About 10 years ago we started seriously gathering pieces of the industrial past  -  
Vintage machines, cast iron bases, foundry patterns, architectural hardware, even rare manufacturing literature.  
Our collection is housed in our 200,000 square foot warehouse in Chambersburg, PA.

The Latest -

The Woods Company & The Artifactory - a unique interior design source for restaurants, bars, retail stores, offices, and commercial projects. 
Along with flooring and lumber, we have an eclectic mix of furniture, vintage machines, sculptural items, old photographs, wall art and uncommon objects in the ‘vintage industrial’ style.  

Contact us about your upcoming project - let us know how we can help you.
Our mission is to bring Industrial History and Art alive in new ways.